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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

The Ultimate Solution Of ED

Viagra is one of the few medications that have taken the pharmaceutical market with storm. It has majorly changed the lives of men by helping their love life blossom even when the hope was low. After it proved to be an extremely effective drug for erectile dysfunction, everybody started wanting it. Some even wanted to use it for recreation. This made Viagra the talk of the town in every corner of the world. It is true that it has massively affected lives and worked wonders for people who needed it.

The generic name of this medication is Sildenafil. It belongs to the Phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5) inhibitors. It is known to alter the condition of erectile dysfunction (also called male impotence). There are other drugs as well that are similar to Viagra operating in a similar mechanism.

Nitric Oxide

How Does It Work?

First of all, you should know that it does not create libido. It will not help you get attracted to anybody. Its work starts after you experience sexual arousal. The erectile tissue present in the penile area then releases NO or Nitric Oxide after being stimulated by the nervous system. The Nitric Oxide helps in the realease of a particular enzyme that relaxes the smooth muscles. It results in the dilation of the arteries to allow more blood to the penis and adjoining area. This whole process will not work out as desired if there is no arousal in the first place.

Many clinical studies have been conducted to figure out the use of this drug on improving conditions related to erectile dysfunction. When given to participants with a placebo, it showed remarkable improvement in erectile dysfunction among patients. Though it is known to be safe for use, not everybody can take it as it may not be useful for all cases.

In an average, it is reported that it takes about an hour for the medication to start its work. You must consume it when in an empty stomach. It vaguely remains active for about a few hours maximum till six or seven hours. In case you just consumed a heavy fat meal, it might take longer than usual to start its course.

There are different doses available for Viagra. They are found in 100mg, 50mg, and even 25mg doses. For some men, a lower dose of Viagra is enough to make them working. Whereas, some men may need a higher dose as there can be other daily medications interacting with Viagra. To know what the right dose is for you, consulting a doctor is necessary. The doctor will figure that out on the basis of your age and severity of the condition. You will also need to visit a doctor to find out whether Viagra should be your ideal medication. You will not be able to get this drug over-the-counter. You will need a doctor’s prescription.

Though, it is quite a useful drug, there can be incidence of side-effects. Make sure that you take precautionary measures to deal with them.