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The Weekend pill

Sensual relations are one of the most pleasurable aspects of life. Disorders of such relations spoil the value of human emotions and feelings. Pharmaceuticals are, now, available in the market that provides an effective remedy against such miserable diseases. Impotence and erectile dysfunction in men is the leading cause of breakups and bitterness in the mutual relationship of humans. Cialis, chemically referred as Tadalafil, is an effectively developed treatment against male impotence and treats other impairments as well.

The Weekend pill

The basic mechanism of its effective relief is to cause the accumulation of potent naturally found vasodilator, called as cGMP. It is readily produced by NO and its action on guanylate cyclase enzyme which synthesizes cGMP in the body. The accumulation is not accounted for the production of cGMP but to its prevention from being degraded by enzyme called as phosphodiesterase type 5. The drug binds to the receptor site of the enzyme rendering it incapable of degrading cGMP. The walls of the blood vessels are lined by smooth muscles which undergo relaxation upon the action of cGMP. The vessels increase in the cross section and increase the blood flow. cGMP effects the enzymes of lungs and penis the most and cause vasodilatation in these areas.

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Erectile dysfunction is characterized by inability to maintain sufficient erection of the genital for considerable time period. It could result from ineffective blood distribution to the external genitals of male and inadequate vasodilatation process due to enzymatic disorder or vascular impairment. Cialis becoming even more popular in the field of sexual enhancements is the most effective remedy synthesized till now.

Erectile dysfunction

The medicine is also employed for recreational purposes among the adults to exaggerate their pleasurable feelings. One tablet of Cialis is capable enough to cause an unusually sustained erection to achieve an unusually joyful climax of physical interaction.

The medicine is a peculiar drug in the aspect that it provides considerably long duration of interaction ranging close to 36 hours. That’s the sole reason the medicine is popularly called as “the Weekend pill”. The medicine enhances the stimulation of the erectile organ by giving it an effective erect posture for maximum contact.

Pulmonary hypertension

Pulmonary hypertension is another disorder effectively curable by the drug as it also causes the inhibition of the cGMP degrading enzymes of the lungs. The resulting vasodilatation of the pulmonary blood vessels relieves the lungs of possible pulmonary edema and subsequent prevention of right sided heart failure as the blood pumped into the lungs is via the tight ventricle of heart.

The medicine poses a number of side effects including headache, indigestion, back pain, muscle ache, flushing, runny nose and nasal congestion. Threats of visual impairments and hearing loss are also considerably increased. Coronary diseases, hyperlipidemia and smoking may also be complicated by the use of such drugs. The drug is, however, not supposed to be taken along with other nitrate containing drug that might be used by the patient for cardiac treatments.

Cialis comes in the doses of 5mg, 10mg and 20mg tablets

The yellow colored Cialis comes in the doses of 5mg, 10mg and 20mg tablets, 40mg being the recommended dose for pulmonary hypertension to be taken not more than once a day.

The medicine is readily available from our online pharmacy within an affordable range. Cialis can be ordered online to avail it within a matter of few seconds. A few key strokes of yours could relieve. In buying Cialis (tadalafil) online, you can get various benefits like cheaper price and discount.

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Where to Buy the Weekend Pill Cialis & Best Price Online

You may know that sexual problem very rare in past because people were very conscious about their health. Now the burden of office work has increased to a great extent. People remain busy in their work and do not care about their health. This thing is increasing problem for their health and fitness. It is strongly recommended to go for a medical check up 2 to 3 times in a month. In such a way, they can save their selves from many sever health problems. The topic of this article is also something related to the health problem. The article is all about the use of Cialis for the best treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Where to Buy the Weekend Pill

You can find many medicines in the market which you can use for the treatment of ED. Every medicine has its own advantage but when we compare Cialis with Levitra and Viagra then Cialis is on the first number due to the following advantages. First of all its half life is 17.5 hours that is greater than others. Some people ask questions about its availability. You will not get any difficulty in finding Cialis. Every chemist has this medicine and if you do not find it in chemist shop then you have another option. Internet gives you option to buy Cialis online. These online shops can provide you Cialis without any charges. You can also save your time by using this option.

Best price for 10mg pill - 1.57$ per pill

Let us talk about the uses of Cialis. Cialis is used to give the best treatment to erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension. If you want to buy Cialis to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension then you will call it as Adcirca. There are different doses of Cialis which you can find in market. In these doses 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg and 40 mg are present. You can buy Cialis online with best quality at a discounted price. In the use of Cialis, you may get common and uncommon side effects. Common side effects cannot cause any severe medical problem and can be treated easily by the use of common medicines. While uncommon side effects are very harmful for the health so you should try to avoid them by following the advice of doctor. The names of some common side effects of Cialis are indigestion, headache, back aping, stuffy or runny nose, and facial flushing and blurred vision. Every user may not get these side effects because the chances of getting these side effects are very rare. In uncommon side effects, you may get heart attack, loss of hearing and vision. It is not proved that these side effects are caused by the use of Cialis because those people who reported these side effects were also using other medicines. If you have the problem of erectile dysfunction or man impotence and want to sue Cialis for its treatment then I shall strongly recommend you to use Cialis for this purpose. You can get a long erection by the use of Cialis. Besides, the enjoyment of sexual intercourse will be on peak. This thing will make both of you happy.

Information About Tadalafil Tablets For Oral Use

Impotence And It’s Cure:

Fulfillment of one’s sexual desires reflects in the form of one’s mental satisfaction. Impotence has a threatening effect on the physical aspect of couple’s life. A number of pharmaceutical companies introduced anti-impotence drugs each professing itself to be the solution for erectile dysfunction but one drug famous for its high safety and effectiveness is Cialis, manufactured by joint collaboration of Lilly ICOS pharmaceuticals. This drug gives a lethal blow to the disturbing disease of impotence. Side effects of Tadalafil are too low and the patient can take any kind of food he wishes during the drug consumption.

Information About Tadalafil

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Physiology Of Erection:

Erection is the result of series of events which occur in your body when you are touched sexually. The brain, in response of sexual sensation, signals increased flow of blood to the penis. Penis got to dilate its vessels so that more blood would enter in the penis. For the dilation of vessels a factor called Nitric Oxide is required. It is synthesized in the cells housed in the walls of the penile vessels. Nitric oxide after being synthesized comes out of these cells into the blood in the vessels where it acts as a catalyst in the conversion of GTP into cGMP. cGMP is called the key of erection as it has its involvement in penile vessel dilation, a step necessary for filling of the cavities of spongy tissue with blood required for erection. Amount of cGMP unfortunately shoots down in impotence. Tadalafil boosts up the level of cGMP hence restores erection.

Tadalafil Usage

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HowTOS And When TOS:

Tadalafil comes in three dose forms, 5mg, 10mg and 20 mg tablets. One of them, 5mg incase of starters, is to be taken orally once in 24 hours time and no more. Half an hour is the time of activation of the drug after which the drug actively inhibits PDE-5, its chief target. Other PDE enzymes are least affected which explains its highly minimized spectrum of side effects. The drug dosage is to be increased gradually until sufficient erection acceleration is achieved. In persons with hepatic, renal or cardiac dysfunctions, drug consultation with the physician is advised to reduce the chances of drug poisoning. Since, other vasodilators and nitrate containing heart medications could impose a synergistic effect on the body to lower the blood pressure to an extremely low level, such drugs should be avoided. If you had an episode of shock or you are a patient of heart, consult your physician before taking the drug. Possible side effects of the drug are congested nose, runny nose, dizziness, hypotension and indigestion.

Tadalafil Side Effects

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Features Of Tadalafil:

Eating the delicious delicacies of your desire during the longest and unforgettable 36 hour sexual session is now made easy with Tadalafil. You could now, spice up your sexual interaction with whatever you want to eat, the effect of Tadalafil on enhancing and speeding upi your erection would not be seen with Tadalafil. In the end, it is worthwhile to say that the drug doesn’t poses the dangerous side effects which other conventional sexual medications threaten of.