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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Causes of Impotence and Natural Methods Used For Its Cure

It is common for men to suffer impotence at given time in their lifetime. While it is common, overly recurrence of the condition can be devastating to the married couples. This is because their sexual live is dealt a major negative blow. For definition purposes, impotence or erectile dysfunction can be termed as the inability to obtain or maintain an erection that can offer sexual gratification. When the condition happens repeatedly, the couples get embarrassed and disappointed and this can lead to severed marriage relationship.

Natural Methods

Firstly, it is imperative for an individual to know how an erection is achieved. The penis ought to have adequate blood flow but a decreased outflow of blood from it. However, if the male partner suffers from a number of disorders that narrows arteries then there would be a reduced blood flow into the penis. Moreover, some men develop abnormalities in their male organs such that they drain huge quantities of blood from the penis and thus erections cannot be sustained adequately. According to clinical advises, there are countless causes of impotence that can range from obesity to chronic depression. The following are the main causes of male erectile dysfunction:

  • Diabetes especially the one that results from diet or genes.
  • Atherosclerosis. This is the plaque of arteries that is caused by indulging in poor eating habits that cause obesity.
  • Lack of sufficient exercise. Men who do not engage in meaningful exercises are bound to suffer from impotency.
  • Neurological damage has also been cited as a common cause of impotence where it leads to damage of nerves in the penis.
  • Excessive abuse of drug substances and alcohol. This is especially for antidepressants, anti-hypertensive, and sedative drugs.

Together with the above, it is critical for men around the globe to know that over 40% of impotency occurs due to physical problems. Thus, it is easier to cure and control impotence by use of natural methods. Firstly, it is critical to watch ones diet since some foods are not good for overall well-being of an individual. For instance, fat is not good, fatty foods should be reduced dramatically and in its place being substituted with vegetables and fruits.

Cholesterol is harmful to one's health since it impacts negatively on arteries; the problem is later transferred to the penis where it fails to raise for the occasion. For a controlled intake of cholesterol, it is imperative to avoid animal products and also reduce intake of processed foods. The above food items are known to clog penis arteries thereby causing impotence.

Exercises should be incorporated into ones daily program; this is because a mere 15 minute walk would translate into a wonderful love making experience later. When individuals engage in routine exercises, they would be able to burn excess fats that clog arteries and thus blood would flow freely into the penis. Placing jasmine products such as candles and oils with an aphrodisiac scent in the bedroom produces positive results. Together with the above measures, good communication between couples should yield positive results against cases of impotence.