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Effective Exercises to Eliminate Erectile Dysfunction

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, this dysfunction usually occurs from time to time. You can also have very brief erections, but not always, so the first thing is to identify the symptoms of the dysfunction. They are counted as many times as you have a normal and lasting erection.

In order to avoid suffering from erection problems or lower the frequency of days without being able to do an erection, you can perform a series of exercises. That includes both physical and psychological and that will help you to improve greatly. It is proven that exercises are the best treatment for erection problems.

Exercises to Eliminate Erectile Dysfunction

What are the most effective exercises to cure erectile dysfunction?

Psychological Exercise - Relaxation:

One of the reasons why erectile dysfunction usually occurs is psychological. Many of them come from stress, from problems at home, insecurity, low self-esteem. Relaxation exercises are ideal to help you find calm with yourself.

Relaxation exercises can be done lying on the bed or sitting comfortably. You will become aware of your breathing. Each inhalation should last five seconds, hold the air for five more seconds. Finally, release the air in five seconds. Do not release the air fast, make it slow.

You will repeat this operation as many times as necessary, more than twenty times until your mind is no longer thinking of anything other than the flow of your breathing.

Then you will become aware of your body, while you continue to breathe. You will relax every part of the body, let it fall by gravity. Stay in that state for about twenty minutes a day. You will see that later you will feel much better. Leave the mind blank for a while. It helps to relax the brain, to relax. Many times our brain does not rest from so much thinking, giving it a moment of silence helps it to regenerate itself and to think more clearly.

These relaxation exercises are perfect for doing it, after a session of cardiovascular exercises.

Physical Exercise - Cardio

Cardiovascular exercise is good for everything, even to reduce erectile dysfunction. It happens that the cardiovascular system is responsible for keeping the heartbeat stable and blood flow adequate. When the cardiovascular system is not stable, there are other problems such as heart attacks, erectile dysfunction, etc.

The heart and blood are necessary for the proper functioning of the body, so doing cardiovascular exercise will help you a lot. The advantages of practicing cardio are the following:

  • You will improve the blood flow. You will see that after a training session, your blood seems to run faster through your body. Even your cheeks blush.
  • You will burn calories. Obesity is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction. Fats can lodge in the walls of the arteries, slowing blood flow. The burning of calories helps clean the arterial walls.
  • You will have more energy. There are people who walk ten minutes and are agitated. Imagine having sex. When you do cardiovascular exercise your body acquires more resistance, that resistance will also be noticed in the sexual encounter.
  • If you are not used to exercising, you can start walking daily for half an hour. After a couple of weeks, the intensity increases frequently. When there are intervals of intensities, exercise is better utilized.