Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Killer Exercises That Treats Erectile Dysfunction

Our subject of discussion is not a novel condition in which nothing has been tried at all but a situation in which many steps have been made in past and present to manage or cure its menace. because of the serious problems caused by this condition spanning from physical trauma to psychological, neurological and emotional trauma, it will be of very immense and great importance to consider ways by which we can trash and treat this problem. this technique to be applied here is not a new approach but something that has been practised by some cultural people or let's say duties done by others unknowing but are helping themselves solve a major problem in male sex life called erectile dysfunction.


Well I guess this is not your first time but if it is, then we have to explain what erectile dysfunction is and without many words, it is a sexual condition found in man (18 and above) who are sexually viable for sexual performance that is intercourse but are finding it very difficult to have the necessary erection they desire and the penis is very small and so flaccid as if its dead. This is another word called impotence. To be very frank, anyone with this condition need not be afraid because it because it can be a cure or very well controlled. A lot of drugs have been made and these include Cialis ©, Viagra ©, Levitra ®. Erectile dysfunction has been seen to be caused by increased in age, disease conditions, a psychological defect that breaks once personality and unhealthy lifestyle like watching of pornography, smoking and illicit drugs. Below are some killer exercises that can help you in the improvement of your stamina and erection in bed with your partner during sexual activity.

The three best exercises to treat erectile dysfunction

  1. Yoga: yoga is one exercise that cannot be neglect so long as withstanding stress and building endurance is a concern. When someone is involved in this practice, there is always this nervous comfort and muscle succor to those involved in this exercise. Stress is not a friend of erection as it prevents a man from having a normal and sustained erection. When a man is to be involved in sexual activity and is so stressful, he loses focus on the activity and since energy is required in the whole process and a stressed man possible to be very weak; erection will definitely not be possible. Erection has always drawn its graph from mental or physical stress.
  2. Kegel exercise: this is a pelvic muscle development exercise where the practice of constricting the urinary sphincter has to be learned and mastered and its primary aim is to develop the muscles of the pelvis and having full control over ejaculation.
  3. Aerobic exercises and swimming: An American journal of cardiology published an article sometimes ago on fully tested people that aerobic exercises cure erectile dysfunction and it does this by increasing the flow of blood to the penis and the delivered blood delivers sufficient oxygen to the cells of the penis making cellular respiration in this area very possible and energy being produced.