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Life and choices

People all over the world are moving to the city. The concept of urban living is catching up very fast. Most of those who have access to education realize that they can now hope to become global citizens and work for multinational companies. Literally speaking people who are into information technology and other scientific fields as well as those in services are able to live and work in any country of their choice. The number of people migrating from the east to the west is much higher than the westerners moving to the east in search of better employment opportunities. The cost of living in the western countries is very high and the un employment rate too is much higher. The developing countries especially China, India and the Asian countries seem to be a better bet for those wishing to move out of Europe and the US. They are not only able to earn comparable salaries; the standard of living is much cheaper in the eastern part of the world as compared to the west.

Urban lifestyle is fast paced and technology and gadget dependant. No doubt all the comforts and luxuries are at your disposal and you are able to sit in the comfortable environs of your home and conduct your business through internet as well as connect with your family and friends from all over the world. There is a flip side to urban living.

First and foremost families are becoming nuclear and losing out on extended relationships and support in times of crises as well as in the form of social life. Children are no longer spending time exploring local parks and making friends. They are busy playing video games and downloading movies and music from the internet. We are exposing children to a lot more information, giving them global perspective no doubt but the question we need to ask is whether this is good for the child and is it better than the innocent childhood that the earlier generations enjoyed playing with toys and outdoors.

Look at the thought process of the urban couples. We are living in a society and community where all of the utilities and services are provided but at a cost. No doubt the standard of service is much higher but everything costs money. We seem to be spending all our time at work and trying to earn money and then spending all the money on the bills and services. Couples today have no time to spend together with one another and enjoy silence. They get up in the morning and say hello while leaving home. Both get back home late at night, have dinner and watch TV or look at the mails and catch up with one another for ten minutes before hitting the bed. The conversations are likely to be regarding office or things to be done or bills to be paid and such mundane tasks. Both have hardly any time to relax. By the time they get back home they are so tired and sleepy. Most couples suffer from fatigue, stress and anxiety. Worries about job, about finances seem to be a constant factor amongst most couples. More and more men are suffering from erectile dysfunction and male impotence due to the urban lifestyle. The number of couples walking in with fertility and conception problems is increasing at an alarming rate. If men are unable to perform satisfactorily in bed, the main cause lies with their lifestyle that is effecting their body. Take the case of men who live in the rural areas. The life might be harder and less comfortable, but they are healthy and enjoy a good life and a happily married life.

So what is best suited for you? The choice is entirely yours.