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Life Cycle Perspective

Each product has a particular life cycle and life span. This is true even of companies as well as organisations and human societies included. When it comes to human beings we too have a life cycle that is largely defined by our physical aging process and corresponding mental faculties growth and aging too. Nature has provided that the infant grows to become a toddler, a young boy, pre teen, youth, adult and then a senior citizen.

We take into account our physical age when we pursue education as well as we pursue careers. However when it comes to the subject of marriage and children, there is variation from the general norms followed by each society. While some communities believe in getting married early, having children at a young age so that by the time one retires, their children are grown up and independent. There are others who believe that marriage can happen when one feels like as long as the biological clock is still ticking with not much of forethought to the later part of the life cycle.

While women are generally concerned about their biological clock especially with reference to their ability to bear children and the age at which they reach menopause, for men it is slightly different.

What many men do not realise is that they too undergo menopausal situation just like the females. In men there is no question of cessation of production of testosterone, the male hormone, but generally the production levels reduce drastically around the age of late forty and early fifties. This period is a very delicate period for men, for they not only undergo physiological changes but psychological and emotional changes too coupled with changes in their professional careers too.

Generally the career path keeps growing steeply during the late thirties, but after one has crossed forties the man would have already reached a certain level of management position in the company and further on it gets difficult to climb higher for it gets narrower as you go higher up in the hierarchy. Therefore the next decade or so one’s career path seems to stagnate and go on a maintenance mode before declining and ending at retirement. When an individual does not realise this fact and does not come to terms with it, the frustration begins to set in and we often find such men falling into deep depression and other psychological problems.

At the same time, on the physical front they find their energy levels as well as libido dropping. They are unable to perform or achieve erection and sustain the same. This can lead to severe anxiety and distress which one may not be able to express or share openly with the spouse or the others in the family. There is also a reduction in overall weight and the muscle fat in the body, thus giving a sagging and older look to the person, which further pushes his anxiety buttons.

At this juncture, it is important for the individual to take a view of all the events objectively and come to terms with it. It is better to accept and realise that it is impossible to expect continuous growth in career and now begin to enjoy and contribute to the current position and job. Making peace with oneself is very important at this juncture. On the physical health front, consult a doctor who can prescribe Cialis to help you overcome your erectile dysfunction as well as set up the daily medication of necessary Vitamins that are required as daily supplements.

Besides looking at these factors it is important for you to take stock of your lifecycle and decide how you are going to spend the rest of your life. It is important to start planning for your retirement as well as to take life easy. You must learn to enjoy and savour the time that you get to spend with your loved ones and make changes to your lifestyle to make more time for yourself and your family. Remember time and tide waits for none. Enjoy the present and the future will take care of itself.