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Remain Young In Older Age

Young In Older Age

Age factor always play a vital role for your life. As everyone knows, young men always remain in active mood and do their work very fast as compare to the older age men. On the other hand old age men may victimize of serious problem and remain disturb in their working routine. In this scenario, men should do something for keeping their routine active in the older age. Some of the anti aging activities are important which makes the man strong and active for his daily life routine. Such type of anti aging activities helps to improve the health and enhance the men life with good health. Genes is important in human body which determines the longevity in men as well, said by Stephan Quentzel. It is clear that remaining 75% health is up to you and healthy life style can be increased your life spam. Here are some important points are discussed for the improvement of health in the older age. The average age of the men in United States is 77.8 years and women age is 5years more as compare to the men. It is to be said that men’s age is less than women because they suffer more from cancer and heart disease commonly, according to National Institute on Aging (NIA). It is known that estrogen helps to protect women from heart disease until after menopausal. In contrary it is not known that why cancer rate is high in men. Different precautions may help the person from disease while the check up processing of the men and women is same before the doctor. Now it is possible to live a long life if a man can minimize the risk factor of the diseases. In this way the average age of 77.8 years can be increased up to 85 years. Some causes which reduce the life span of men are smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, being overweight, high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, and poor physical fitness (measured by grip strength). Men loss about 25% chance to live 85 years old age due to these above reasons. All these risk factors can be minimized with these life styles. It is still not clear that whether anti aging supplements like growth hormone, DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), and testosterone helps for longevity or not. But some changing in life style can help in longevity for men. Very firstly, men should control the body weight because it is observed that obese men slash seven years of life but on the other hand overweight slashes three years. Moreover it is seen that 6500 men and women who were over forties have more likely to develop dementia in their seventies due to the belly fats. Do not use fast food because it is fully loaded with salts which increase the risk of heart and high blood pressure. Some studies also suggest that decrease in fat from 25 to 40 percent increase the longevity because this research is only been done on animals.