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What Is Erectile Dysfunction And How A Person Becomes Its Victim?

It is a natural thing in every human being that he desires for sexual intercourse. To fulfill this desire, male and female engages with each other. After getting marriage, sexual intercourse is one of their most top priorities that give happiness to both of them. It also helps in increasing the love between both of them. If anything goes wrong in this married life, the whole family just ruins. Most of the families ruin because of the unsatisfactory sexual intercourse. Either man or woman is unsatisfied with the sexual activity so the marriages end there. Here I am going to talk about some reasons due to which a man cannot satisfy the sexual desire of a woman.

Sexual Intercourse

The first reason is the burden of work that does not allow the man to spend some time with friends and family. The person just goes at home after completing the office job and makes his way to sleep. Besides this, there are too many other things which have made the lives of many people so hectic. For a good relationship, it is very necessary for a man to spend enough time with his family especially with his wife. This is the one cause of divorce. Some other causes due to which the person remains unable to satisfy the sexual need of a woman are sexual problems.

Many sexual problems have been found in men and a person may become the victim of any of them. The one that is quite common in most of the people is erectile dysfunction abbreviated as ED. Erectile dysfunction shows very bad effects on a person who is suffering from it. The person who is experiencing it feels a lot of problem in getting penile erection. And if he does get erection, it does not go for long time. In other words, the penile erection becomes very difficult for such a person to get.

There are many psychological and physical problems which are the causes of erectile dysfunction. The man who wants to avoid such kinds of sexual problems will have to avoid the causes which are going to be discussed below. Anxiety, stress and depression are psychological factors which make a person impotent. If you are worried about your family problems or office work, then you should take some rest or talk to your friends about it. Being worried a lot about a thing pushes the person towards destruction like erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, depression and anxiety also causes many health problems so you must try to be happy by any means. Some physical factors that influence the sexual life are smoking, drugs addiction and spinal cord injury due to any accident etc. Besides this, many health problems are also considered as the causes of erectile dysfunction. So it is better for the person to remain in contact with a doctor so that he can help the person in preventing all kinds of health problems which are also serious threats for marriage life.